Our Brand

The brand Delatino Tech is about uniting seasoned professionals for technology innovation. We have a team of tech enthusiasts working under one metaphorical roof of our offices countrywide. We treat colleagues, customers, and everyone around us with the utmost respect and professionalism that doesn’t interfere with always a friendly attitude. The culture of our company formed the values that are valid not just during the work hours, but also outside of our office. We are proud that the internal policy of our company induces the desire to self-improve and evolve in our employees.

Delatino Team

Our Cultural Values

  • Gender And Race Equality

    We have established our human resources policy which ensures that both upper management and employees respect gender and race in their conduct at work. With our main location in Zambia - a country with diverse ethnic groups & languages, we find ourselves at the junction of various mentalities, cultures, and customs. That is why we place cultural peculiarities at the core of our corporate policy.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    It is commonly known that sports and a healthy lifestyle are all about discipline, and discipline boosts both work and training. By introducing several sports-related initiatives (corporate fitness classes, soccer, and volleyball games, etc), we strive for increasing the level of health condition and efficiency of our employees. Besides, it’s just fun!

  • Education

    Nowadays, the so-called "useful knowledge" has become more popular than academic knowledge, because it is aimed at the end result. Here at Delatino, there are many different types of corporate training such as seminars, lectures, foreign language classes, and business games.

  • Social And Community Contributions

    Delatino Tech addresses the needs of various city communities by engaging our employees to dedicate their time to the social sphere. We believe that if our employees feel they can contribute their time and money to worthwhile deeds, they transform on both professional and personal levels.

  • Cooperation

    We believe that our members of staff can retain great relations outside the office too. That is why we encourage them to participate in various activities in their spare time. And what is better in bonding people than traveling, sports, and attending various cultural events? We do not stick to the “your work is your second family” motto, but we share the idea that our offices may be a place of warmth and caring as well. Besides, we regularly organize internal business trips to support the principles of multiculturalism within the company. As long as our international employees work together, they need to meet in person to discover each other's mentalities which have a great effect on the job they do together

Message From Our Founder

Our Executive Board

Harold King Chomba - CEO
Harold K Chomba
Board Chair

Bsc. Computer Science; Dip. Project Management. 8+ years of experience in Systems Development & Tech finance.

Stanley Jones Chomba
Stanley Jones
Chief Technical Officer

Dynamic personality. 6+ years in Venture Capital, Tech Business & Creativity

Jason Sikazwe
Mukosa M Musonda
R&D And Business Development Officer

Bsc Mathematics;6+ years in Business Development

Fumbe Kabanga
Fumbe Kabanga
Finance Director

Bsc Economics; Post Grad. Diploma Monitoring & Evaluation. 6+ years in Finance & Accounting