Why Offer Online Payments On Your Website & Mobile App

Electronic payments are becoming a seamless, fast and simple way for making payments. But many businesses still have not accepted the electronic payments because they do not know much about it. In this article,We will discuss with you the advantages of electronic payments and also show you how it can be the best bet for your business.

1. Instant Payment
Electronic payments are much faster than the traditional methods of payments such as cash or cheques. In the case of online payments, you do not have any constraint of time or location. You can easily make payments at any time from anywhere across the globe. E-payment systems have eliminated the need for going to the banks to make payments. Now your customers do not have to waste their time standing in the long lines at banks. They can easily pay you by using an electronic payment app.

2. Higher payment security
Despite its robust features, electronic payments systems has not become so popular among the merchants. They are still using the same old methods for accepting payments. Due to which, they are missing out the opportunity for serving more customers. Electronic payment systems offer you multiple ways of securing your payments such as tokenization, encryption, SSL, etc. Now your customers do not have to enter their card details every time as they can save their card details or complete their transactions by using a One Time Password.

3. Better customer convenience
Electronic payments can help you to provide convenient payment experience to your customers. It allows your customer to purchase goods on credit by offering them with the pay later facility. Instead of sending constant reminders for payment to your customers, you can automatically collect money after a specific period.

4. Saves processing costs
If you want to provide payment services to your customers then you first need to tie up with a card processor. The processor will provide you with a payment gateway for processing and in exchange, it will charge a fixed cost from you. This cost is very high. On the other hand, if you are using an electronic payment system in your business then you do not have to incur such high charges. You just have to pay a fixed subscription to your service provider.

5. Low risk of theft
The phrase ‘Cash is the king’ is popular in the business world, but this king has also had some limitations. If you are using cash for accepting payments from customers, chances are there it can be stolen. Also, you need to take high safety measures in depositing cash into your bank account. But this risk can be decreased if you are using a secure electronic payment system in your business. By using it, you do not have to worry about your payment record. You can easily get an accurate record of all your transactions at the end of the day.

6. Transparent
Transparency becomes an essential factor when it comes to payments. And when you are using the digital medium for accepting payments, then it becomes essential for you to maintain transparency in your transactions. In the case of electronic payments, you do not have to worry about the record of your payment details. Also, you can provide the payment details to your customers beforehand. So that there will be fewer chances of confusion.

7. Contactless
In the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have started finding ways of avoiding human touch to save themselves from getting affected by the coronavirus. Due to this, the need for contactless payments has increased. You can use contactless POS terminals in your business to avoid the human touch. In this system, the payee needs to hold his phone near the terminal and his payment will get automatically processed. Also, you can enable your customers to make payments by using QR codes or One Time Passwords (OTP).

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